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Megan Hurley possesses the rare combination of a COO’s mind and a CEO’s heart. A trusted adviser to entrepreneurs, she specializes in process improvements, leadership coaching, and market innovation. Over the past 15 years she’s supported businesses across verticals, from companies of one to million dollar start-ups, to build sustainable and scalable operations that drive brand loyalty and alleviate single person dependencies.
In 2015 nine years of marriage and seven years of a business building disappeared in an instant.  Megan endured massive loss, both personally and professionally and has successfully rebuilt with more strength and confidence. She is committed to being open and real, sharing every bump, bruise, loss and gain that she has experienced along her journey as a stepping stone and safe vantage point for you and your business.

forever student | radical encourager  |  family first


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I am excitable...I love to celebrate " the Big win" with my clients

I believe ,the strength we gain from enduring hardships, can become our super power to help others.

I understand feeling over-whelmed... I can help you build a plan to get in control.

I'm insightful ... I'm great at stepping in when you seem to be struggling

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