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Let’s be honest, your business is where it is today as a result of adrenaline spikes, late nights, and endless dedication. You’ve been there for every decision and every season of growth. However, you’re starting to realize you can no longer trade your health, personal life, and happiness for the hustle. You crave space to think big, and to reignite the passion you felt in the early days. This is all possible!

We help small business owners lead more intentionally to establish flows, automate, increase profit, and create room in their lives for things that matter most!




About us

Megan is a seasoned entrepreneur with multiple award-winning small businesses. She has been recognized as a leader in streamlining business processes and transforming interactions with both internal teams and clients she serves. She delivers value through process improvement, team alignment, and leadership development.

Megan has worked in partnership with senior leaders in multiple industries. She has been sought after for her ability to establish direct to customer support infrastructures. She possesses the ability to understand the needs, opportunities, and areas for scalable, sustainable, and profitable operations.

She has over ten years of experience in the areas of entrepreneurship, process improvement, business development, journey mapping, evaluating core aligned strategic business opportunities, partnerships, and providing coaching and implementation support to service and product-based small businesses.

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Megan’s positivity and enthusiasm is contagious, she makes you feel that anything is possible!”


1:1 Coaching

1:1 Monthly Calls (60 min)

Email + Voxer Support

Quarterly COO

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90 Day Action Plan

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Kind Words…

“Waking up and seeing that a client booked a consult call while I slept or that an email reminder was sent while I was playing with my daughter during the day is HUGE! I can’t believe I went 12 years with out this stuff!”

– Michelle Lindsay

“Everyone wants to “work smarter, not harder,” but it turns out it takes a lot of hard work to set up a smarter business. Megan guided us and supported us through the initial heavy lift, and for that, I will forever be grateful.”

– Alex Chapple